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Instruction on the Orthodox Faith and Virtuous and Pure Life
Translated from Old Armenian into Western Armenian by Bishop Narek Alemezian
Translated from Old Armenian into English by Khachik Grigoryan
Series Theology
ISBN 978-9939-850-62-7
Media type Hardcover
Published in 2023
Number of pages 312
Size 13x20 cm
Language Old Armenian, Western Armenian, English

This writing attributed to Grigor Narekatsi (951-1003) has its specific place in the instructional literature. First, it clarifies the orthodox faith and invites the believer to confess it. Second, details the vital clauses of the doctrine of Universal Church: holy baptism, holy communion, repentance, resurrection of the dead, final Judgement, kingdom of heaven and eternal life. Thrid, underlines the mutual connection between orthodox faith and virtuous life. Fourth, restates that human being is a moral creature. Fifth, underlines the need to live a life where man should properly open and close his five senses.

The book contains Old Armenian original text, Western Armenian translation, English translation, as well as the analysis of the text by archbishop Narek Alemezian.

Table of Contents (PDF)
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