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For Readers

This website is the best guide to our activities and books. For our readers we ensure also our continuous presence in social media. Particularly, for Armenian-language readers we run our Facebook page and Instagram page. For English-language readers we run our Twitter page. We also are replying questions asked directly to our company's e-mail.

For the customers our books are available in bookstores of Armenia. Besides the bookstores, our books can be bought online from the Books From Armenia website, which is preferred by many customers. The shipment is carried out by post. This service is best for the customers outside Yerevan. Actually all the "Buy" buttons of this website lead to the Books From Armenia website.

In Yerevan, alternatively, we have also a system of direct shipment. It works the following way: the customers visit our Facebook page, write a direct message about the books that they want to buy, we provide the amount due to pay and our credit card data; after the payment we ship the books.

For the convenience of the readers we have added the contents of each book in the end of the article about that book as well as the possibility to download sample pages.