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The considerable volume of the Scripture is devoted to the teaching of the last times, i.e. the end of the present structure of the world and relationships between nations and people, and the transition to the new world through the second coming of Jesus Christ. This teaching in theological literature is called Eschatology. The main book where Christian eschatology is described, is the book of Revelation, though eschatological information is abundantly scattered in the prophetic books, in the Gospels, and in the letters of apostles.

The amount of eschatological information in the Bible indicates its importance. However, not only in popular literature but also in theological literature, exists enormous discrepancies in interpretations of Revelation and other prophecies, which confuses the readers. Eschatological interpretations that people receive, often urge some of them to get perplexed, and sometimes even take certain actions, as constructing bunkers, and piling up food and other commodities in order to survive the coming calamities. There are other calls to action, like safeguarding the plane passengers in case of the Rapture of Christian pilots.

On one hand, it is dangerous to make erroneous interpretations, and on the other hand, the huge amount of eschatological verses in the Bible and the involvement of people in consuming its interpretations do not allow theological websites to escape this topic. Moreover, the teaching about the last times should be naturally interwoven into the whole theological framework of any solid theory.

The Armenian theologians devote some space to eschatology, however the last works about the last Time and Revelation date back to 14-th and 18-th centuries. There is a need to enrich the studies of Revelation and other prophetic literature about the last times on the basis of information of 21-th century. We are trying to develop such studies on different aspects of Revelation, basing it on the general concepts of Armenian Theology and connecting them with the studies of similar verses in other books of the Bible.

Two of the first studies on Revelation can be seen by following the link Eschatolgy articles or looking at the same articles on,