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Laurent van Wetter
Bus Stop, The Bridge
Translated from French by Theophana Vardanyan, Grigor Janikyan
Series French-language Drama
ISBN 978-9939-850-59-7
Media type Hardcover
Published in 2022
Number of pages 331
Size 13x21 cm
Language French, Armenian

Laurent Van Vetter is a professional actor, screenwriter, playwright.

In particular, the work "The Bridge" included in this collection has been staged and translated into several other languages. The story is about two characters who meet for the first time on a bridge over a canal, and where each of them was about to commit suicide. Conversations on various topics, persuasions, frank confessions, disputes and reconciliations, which last until dawn and make two strangers close to each other, make them communicate with each other's pains.

A big stage unfolds in the pages of the play "The Stop", which, according to the author, can involve from 4 to 48 actors. It represents dozens of people living their lives who cross each other for a few minutes at that bus stop while waiting for their bus.

The book is published in the format of facing pages in French and Armenian.

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