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Pope Francis bestows a medal to Ankyunacar Publishing

Recently, Hakob Keoseyan, a prominent Armenian scholar, found the manuscript of Cyril of Alexandria's Commentary on the Letter to the Hebrews. This book was missing from the huge theological heritage of Cyril, who was the archbishop of Alexandria (412-444). Cyril presided in the Third Universal Council in Ephesus (431), where his ideas were accepted as the norm of Christology.

The amount of theological heritage that Cyril left, amounts to 10 large volumes in the classical collection of Patrium Graecum of Migne. Very few, if not the only work, that was known but missing, was his Commentary on the Letter to the Hebrews. Different extracts totaling 6 pages, were known from this work but the whole work was thought to be lost.

We were realizing the importance of the finding of Hakob Keoseyan and immediately embarked on editing the comparative text compiled by him. We published the Old Armenian original text in 2020.

Next year, in 2021, we published the parallel Old Armenian and English translation , which was welcomed by the international community, interested in theological literature, (see the blogpost of Roger Pearce).

We have donated free copies of this book to more than 100 international libraries. We have sent copies to two Armenian catholicoses, patriarchs, to Pope Francis. We received letters of congratulations and gratitude from them. Pope Francis  sent also a medal, acknowledging the publication of this important book, as well as the publication of Khosrovik Targmanich's Dogmatic Works in English and the Armenian translation of Augustine's Confessions. The story about this medal is covered in the Armenian press….

We are expressing our deep gratitude to Pope Francis for his beautiful move and acknowledgement of our work.