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Our history

Ankyunacar Publishing has been founded in 1998, under the name Ankyunacar Press, which means Cornerstone. The first publications were commercially successful, and repeatedly republished English-Armenian, Armenian-English pocket dictionary (1998)  and theoretically important Commentary on the Proverbs of Solomon by 14th-century Armenian theologian Grigor Tatevatsi. These two lines, bilingual dictionaries, and theological works continued until the present time. Next years we enriched our theoretical line with philosophical translations, the Treatise by Berkeley and the Confessions of Augustine.

In 2010 we published our flagship English-Armenian Contemporary Dictionary, which underwent new edition in 2014. This dictionary features new conception of translation of English words into native Armenian words, many new Armenian terms were introduced, particularly computing terms, which are now widely used. This important dictionary exists in digital modifications: online, Android app, Windows desktop app.

Besides these two powerful lines, theology, dictionaries, our publishing house entered into the area of Armenian Studies by publishing valuable works in this area. Since most of publications of under the Theology category are published for the fist time, they also are significant contributions in Armenian Studies.

Another area in which our publishing house develops recent years, is Popular Science. We publish here Armenian translations of famous classics of science. These translations again are the first publications of these books in Armenian.

French-Language Drama is one of our rapidly developing areas. It pursues double purpose: to contribute in the awareness of Armenian readers about the modern cultural life in French-speaking countries and to promote the development of French language in Armenia. For this purpose we publish most of the books in this category in French and Armenian languages on facing pages.

Some of our books we collected in the category of Humanities and Fiction.