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Discussion in National Library of Armenia

The last week of April 2023 was significant for the Ankyunacar Publishing. Lusine Abgaryan's Post-memory, Fiction, Graphic novel: the reference of modern French literature to the Armenian Genocide (translated from French by Grigor Janikyan, edited by Theophana Vardanyan). The book presents the Armenian translation of the scientific thesis successfully defended by a young scientist last year at the Sorbonne University in Paris (scientific supervisors: Bernard Franco and Ani Janikyan).

It is a new word and an important contribution to the arena of literary studies and genocide studies. Now that the thesis is defended, the book is published, the phase of recognition and discovery of the book "Post-memory, Fiction, Graphic novel" begins for the Armenian reader. And one of the first milestones on that path can be considered the unique presentation-discussion entitled "Reinterpreting Memory, Story, Image, Testimony" organised by the National Library of Armenia in cooperation with the Linguistic University on May 30, the moderator/speaker of which was Lusine Abgaryan. He spoke thoroughly about the reinterpretation of memory, testimonies, retrospections, post-memory and other issues discussed in his book. Then, drawing parallels between the testimonies of the witnesses of the Genocide and the 44-day war, Lusine Abgaryan presented two more newly published books: the autobiographical story "Memories of the War" and "44 days. diary from an invisible war" war diary, and invited their authors Tigran Gasparyan and Lika Zakaryan to a conversation.

Crowded and full of emotions, this presentation-discussion took place in an open and sincere atmosphere of exchange of thoughts, approaches and evaluations.